Helping People Live Richer, Healthier Lives By Aligning Our Interests with Their Health Care Interests

On a Mission to Challenge the Status Quo

Benefixa is a grassroots startup based on the concept that, in the realm of health insurance, David can beat Goliath. Over the course of an award-winning career at Aflac that spanned nearly two decades serving companies like Amex, AT&T, National Grid and the NY DOC, Benefixa founder and CEO Ray Kober had numerous clients asking for help with the spiralling costs of major medical insurance. That opened his eyes.

Delivering Higher Quality with Lower Premiums

Aligned with the best partners and providers in the industry, Benefixa today helps companies across the U.S. manage the supply chain of health care to maximize quality and savings. Believing that the client – publicly-traded broker relationship presents an inherent conflict of interest, we are not publicly traded so our fiduciary responsibility can be with our clients, not our stockholders.

“Health insurance is a rigged game. The insurance carriers and big box brokers have a monopoly and their profits come at the expense of their clients. I set out to create an alternative to break the status quo, travelling across the country to align with the best and brightest minds in the health care industry. Benefixa is the result.”

– Ray Kober | CEO | Benefixa