We're Proud of The Savings We've Delivered

Benefixa helps companies better manage their health care costs by applying NextGen strategies that look at managing health care benefits in a fundamentally different way – that is totally aligned with their financial interests.

Our NextGen approach helps company executives understand their health care benefits as a supply chain that can be managed and optimized, rather than as a single vendor, blackbox expense they cannot control. The goal is to provide customers with the best health care benefits at the lowest cost.

We’re proud to have served a wide range of companies across the U.S. – from startups and mid-sized companies to major names.

Example of Typical Savings

We tap capital that’s hiding in plain sight and deliver it to your bottom line. Your broker, consultant, insurance carrier and plan design remain the same. Just add our solution and watch culture and profit soar. Whether your health insurance spend is $1M or $1B Benefixa delivers for all stakeholders.

We’ve Helped Companies Save Over 50% on Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription medicines typically account for approximately 20% of total health care spend. Benefixa NextGen strategies can allow employers to deliver the same brand name pharmaceuticals, but at dramatically reduced cost.