A Proven Model for Achieving the Best Health Care Benefits at Lower Costs

Get the Power to Manage Costs

At Benefixa, our goal is to provide our customers with the best health care benefits at the lowest cost. To do that, we consult with them to review their health care needs, determine savings goals, analyze risk tolerance and company culture, and optimize as much of the health care supply chain as desired.

Achieve Total Transparency

The big insurers will give you reporting to show how much your people spend on health care, but not how it is spent. We do. That way you proactively manage spend. For example, you can provide employees with total freedom to choose any provider they want, but offer incentives – such as no deductible – for choosing a health care provider that provides equal quality care for significantly lower cost.

Optimize Your Health Care Spend

Benefixa helps companies understand their health care benefits as a supply chain that can be managed and optimized rather than as a single vendor expense they cannot control. And we offer a wide range of NextGen strategies and providers that can dramatically reduce cost without sacrificing quality of care. It is not uncommon for savings to exceed 30% of the current spend.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Reverse the trend of rising premiums
  • Make a benefits a competitive advantage to acquire and retain talent
  • Find and release trapped capital
  • Free up cash for core initiatives
“There’s a whole other world that exists where companies can spend a heck of a lot less money to provide at least the same level of care and service that they have grown accustomed to.”

– Ray Kober | CEO | Benefixa

Here’s an Example:

Let’s say a company spends $10 million per year for health insurance. We know that 20%-30% of that total spend is pharmaceuticals. By optimizing just that part of the health care supply chain, we can often save our customers upwards of 50%. That’s $1,000,000 in annual savings that the company can now use to reinvest into business operations, provide employee wage increases, or increase the bottom line. By applying NextGen strategies to a company’s entire health care supply chain, we can often save our customers significantly more. See typical savings >